Today’s digital consumer expects to direct the buying journey. NexJ Insights is a digital engagement service embedded in NexJ CRM to provide users with opportunities for interactions throughout the buying journey.

NexJ Insights leverages demographic and account information in NexJ CRM and integrated back-office systems to create a unique interest graph for each client, whether it be an individual or company. The AI engine matches the profile with relevant digital engagement content from more than 10,000 publishers and delivers it to the end user by:

mobile interest graph

  • Exposing it in the Customer Insights tab in NexJ CRM
  • Sharing it within NexJ CRM and using business rules to prompt users for proactive interactions
  • Attaching the article to an entity in NexJ CRM, such as an opportunity

Users can use this digital engagement information to build a strong relationship built on value-added interactions, influence the customer journey, and identify new opportunities for sales and service.

For more information, go to NexJ’s digital engagement services to learn more.